Social and therapeutic agriculture and how it is practised in the Rhone-Alpes region


In Rhone-Alpes the ASTRA Network uses the following definition of social and therapeutic agriculture:
An agricultural activity, involving the production and enhancement of agricultural (and agriculture-related) products and services, that:

  • provides care for disabled, disadvantaged or marginalised people
  • is a tool for socio-professional inclusion, and therapeutic support
  • contributes to the diversification of agricultural activity and the revitalisation of our rural areas

Information sheet: The benefits of social and therapeutic agriculture for disabled, disadvantaged or marginalised people (document in French)

Fiche d’information: Les apports de l’agriculture sociale et thérapeutique à des personnes en difficulté

A sector encompassing diverse practices

Within the Rhone-Alpes region, the social and therapeutic agriculture sector is very diverse. In short, each care farm has its particularities:

  • The type of organisation: independent farms, charitable organisations, social institutions…;
  • The client groups: people with disabilities, with mental health needs; socially disadvantaged or marginalised people; people suffering from addictions……
  • The objectives of the care being offered to the service-users, and the role of the farmer: employment / work experience, socio-professional inclusion, temporary or long-term care, therapeutic support...

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